ANNOUNCING CCD20 2017 live at GEEK and SUNDRY DEC 9th

We are happy to announce I'll be hosting the 6th annual Celebrity ChariD20 live on Dec 9th.

We at Maze Arcana are extremely happy to partner with Geek and Sundry to make this year's CCD20 the biggest one yet. AND with Dungeons and Dragons & sponsoring. 

This year we have 5 Game Masters: Keith Baker DMing Eberron D&D, Ruty Rutenberg DMing Forgotten Realms D&D, Ivan Van Norman GMing Outbreak Undead, Satine Phoenix DMing Eberron D&D & Jason Carl Storytelling Vampire the Masquerade.

CCD20 December 9th, 2017 10am-8pm live on 

Players will be announced as we get their RSVPs this week!

It's an honor to be able to continue this fundraising event. It feels amazing to be able to give back to the world by doing the things we love most. After the big car accident a few years ago I wasn't sure if I'd be able to continue this event, but with the love and support from my friends we have kept it alive and this year is going to be bigger than I ever dreamed it could be... and that's also thanks to all of you who come together to support charity with all of us.

Volunteering your time, money and love to help the next generation grow and learn is no small gesture. With as busy as our world is we often neglect those basic needs. If it wasn't for my grandmother and her love of books and reading, I might not have spent my youth in libraries creating and reading stories that would temper the chaos that was my family. That is what I want to give back to the world: the kindness and attention needed to find the courage to be one's self.  The confidence gained because I loved reading and the playful imagination that grew because of the many stories I absorbed is all thanks to my grandmother. There are children out there right now whose parents aren't aware how important this is. We can help by supporting programs like Reach out and Read. 

Thank you all for your valuable time. We at Maze Arcana, Geek and Sundry, Dungeons and Dragons & are so excited to adventure with you for this big Holiday Charity Event.

Love & Light, Satine.