CCDD SPOTLIGHT: PPLG Pen & Paper & Laser Guns (The Web-series)

Pen & Paper & Laser Guns is a Web Series by Autarch Productions about a group of friend who play a Tabletop Sci-Fi Role-Playing Game. Each episode of PPLG tells an Epic Sci-Fi Space Opera and Explores the Trials of each Players' Real life.

We just so happen to have some of the cast of PPLG in our CCDD2014 game!

Matthew Mercer (one of our Dungeon Masters) as Chad & Ash Splashlazer @MatthewMercer

Michele Morrow as Tanya & Amanda Fraiser @Michelemorrow

Marisha Ray as Hannah & Ashley Arden @Marisha_Ray

David Nett as Michael & Jor'Dith @DavidNett

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PPLG’s Page

Can't wait to see this webseries!!!! 

~Satine Phoenix