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Twitch.tv/geekandsundry on Dec 9 10am - 9pm

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... when I was a jerk DM and wouldn't let the players move ahead until they solved a riddle. It took an hour. They were pissed.

... When I creeped out a group of players by over describing the Boggle's ooze.

... When the whole group went on and on about wanting to solve riddles... but they really just wanted to kill things.

... when the players finally understood Voltroning and ACTUALLY participated together in fighting monsters and then commenced acting scenes out.

... When the Caravan's horses disintegrated in Acid rain. And the players had to run away from the smell.

... When the players threw a sofa through a dimension door.


Hippocampus because Jen Baker said so.

Goblin because Zak is Mean.

Medusa because Mandy Morbid isn't afraid.

Red Plague because Bruce Monach is mean

Raven Knights because Bruce is still Mean.

The death farting 7 legged bird because Dustin Fitzgerald is hillarious

BugBear because level 4

Land Shark because Shark week

Boggle because black ooze and poo room

Little Kids because Doctor Who

Hydra because that's crazy

Human... because no one actually plays a human. ;)

Cat People Because David Bowie

Live Forest because I really want to play outside

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